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Natural Bath and Body

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Seaweed Soap and Seaweed Spa Luxuries

Nature Circle Beauty

Benefits of Seaweed Spa Luxuries


Seaweed is an all over natural beauty treatment. The mineral salts and vitamins in seaweed are are naturally hydrating and rejuvinating to your skin. You'll notice that that your skin feels youthful, supple and firm after using a Seaweed Spa bath, soap or masque. Seaweed helps to reduce the appearance of lines and wrinkles caused by dry skin.


Seaweed Spa Soap $10.00

or 3 bars for $24.00

Seaweed Soap 

Enjoy an easy and refreshing spa treatment with our vegan friendly all natural Seaweed Soap. Naturally colored by botanical ingredients and naturally scented with lemongrass and lime essential oils, your skin will smell fresh and sweet  and you will notice how silky and toned your skin will feel.  

Made with seaweed, organic aloe vera gel, chlorphyl and mint extract, and essential oils of lime and lemongrass.  

Seaweed Soap is accented with natural gold mica minerals which displays beautifully yet washes away at first bath.


Sea Clay and Seaweed Facial Masque Kit

A seaweed face mask increases circulation, stimulates lymphatic drainage and dilates capillaries to tone your skin. Seaweed returns mineral salts to your skin that air pollution and stress deplete. Skin cells hold moisture better after they absorb the seaweed mineral salts, making your skin more supple and elastic. As a result, when the skin retains moisture, the skin plumps, improving the look of dry skin, lines and wrinkles. Smoother skin and better skin texture are experienced after a seaweed face mask treatment.


Seaweed has a high content of vital amino acids, minerals and vitamins which nourish the skin, and many types of seaweed possess molecules similar to collagen.


All dry ingredients comes ready to be mixed with our Refreshing Aloe and Essential Oils Blend Skin Serum make a fresh spa quality facial masque at home.   

Lemongrass, chamomile, lime, rose, lavender, essential oils,  organic aloe vera, glycerin, almond oil and jojoba  oil

Made with sea clay, seaweed, kaolin clay, organic oat powder, rose hip powder, sandalwood powder, buttermilk powder, lavender petals, fenugreek powder, chamomile powder.

 Clay Facial Masque Kit is packaged in a box with:

  • 4 oz. Seaweed & Sea Clay Masque Mixture
  • 3 oz. Net Wt.  Refreshing Aloe and Essential Oils Blend Skin Serum 
  • Glass mixing jar with lid
  • Spatula for mixing and applying masque
  • Brush for applying facial masque 
  • Clay Masque recipes and instructions


Select your Facial Masque Kit


Seaweed Spa Bath

Seaweed is known to have naturally purifying and rejuvenating qualities by stimulating lymphatic drainage. It has been said that bathing with seaweed helps your skin tissue absorb minerals. The minerals in seaweed act like natural electrolytes, which break, open the chemical bond that seal toxins in our cells. These cells open  temporarily to allow trapped toxins and wastes to be naturally absorbed into the lymph system. The kidneys and bladder then eliminate the toxins.

$28.00 - 16oz. Jar

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Testing New Skin Care Products:

Always perform a skin test when using new skin care products to ensure allergic reactions do not occur. This can be done by applying skin care products to the inside of the upper arm. If you are sensitive to a particular ingredient(s), reaction should occur within twenty-four hours of application.

Products are tested on family and friends only and not on bunnies! So please if you have sensitive skin or allergies please take note of the ingredients and do a patch test as described here.

no animal testing